Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's Talk About the Weather!

Here in Wooster, there are things called SEASONS, something I was completely oblivious to before moving here.  I knew that there was winter, like with snow and stuff, but apparently there's spring, summer, and fall too! Who knew?

Anyway, coming from a place where 60º is "chilly" in the winter, I was rather confused. First the leaves started changing, then they fell off, then white stuff started falling from the sky, then, all of a sudden, when I thought everything was dead, IT ALL GREW BACK. Since many students are out-of-state or international, I thought this post might be helpful to those who have never experienced REAL weather before.
Summer (top left), Fall (top right), Winter (bottom left), and Spring (bottom right)

For average yearly temperatures and stats, go here!

You come to school and everything is still summery. It's hot, and rather humid a lot of the time. Shorts, sun dresses and tanks are still good to wear. None of the freshman dorms are air conditioned, so the first couple of weeks can be brutal, but it's not so bad if you have a good fan. Slowly, the leaves start to change, and it cools down a bit. I love fall because it cools off to a very comfortable temperature, and many days are 60-75 and sunny. Now is the time that the moccasins, jeans, fun boots, and cardigans or light jackets come out. By the end of the semester, fall is usually done and winter starts to move in.

At the very end of fall semester is usually when winter starts to set in. You probably won't have to bring out the real heavy-duty coats before winter break, but this is when pea coats with things layered under them (or just multiple jackets) become helpful. After winter break, winter will be in full swing (duh). While second semester is typically called "spring semester", it really should be called "not-spring semester". It doesn't actually start getting warm enough to shed the winter coat again until March or April.

*disclaimer: Winter 2012 was VERY mild. This is yet another example of Ohio weather.

For the last few weeks of school, just as things get the busiest with finals, choosing housing, and wanting to spend time outside after being cooped up all winter, spring will be in full bloom (literally). Now is the time to start breaking out the sun dresses and flip-flops again. Though, there may still be some days that are chilly. There is also a good deal of rain in the spring, so bring a raincoat and rain boots!

After the school year ends, summer really starts to heat up. The humidity kicks in, and thunderstorms and rain happen ALL THE TIME for a good part of June. Once you hit July, things start to get quite pleasant . I haven't been here for the rest of July and most of August yet, but I hear that's when it is most consistently sunny.

Weather in Ohio is notoriously unpredictable. This is something of what an average day might be like.
Today's forecast: a little bit of everything.

In order to deal with this, I highly recommend dressing in layers, that way you can add and shed clothing as needed. 

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